Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Time out.

Her hair isn't wet after a routine, nighttime bath. No. She was forced to bathe in the middle of the day after she discovered my liquid make-up while she was suppose to be napping.

Yes. It wasn't very pretty. She painted a very interesting picture on my headboard and wall above my bed with Mary Kay Light Beige.

And she was sent to time out. And I left the premises to cool down. I needed a breather.

When Addie got out of time out, she and her Daddy cleaned up the make-up and decided that there would be no cartoons or computer-play the rest of the night. Addie said "that's okay- we can read books and play games though". She's even cute when she's evil.


livingsj77 said...

Hahahaha...I'm sorry, you must have been so mad...but the whole "That's ok we can read books and play games" comment reminds me so much of Ainsley. How do they get so freaking smarty pants and manipulative!!!!! She totally would have said that exact same thing.

Jarah said...

I love this story Carrie! I know you were so mad but it will be a fun one of many to look back on one day :) Miss you guys!