Monday, August 30, 2010

Can we please have Ground Hog Day back?

After approximately 21 days/nights of a coughing, gagging, sometimes-vomiting little girl, we are ready for normalcy around here. I promise to never complain about Ground Hog Day again.
Hayes doesn't notice a thing. He still rises every morning at 6:15 on the dot, ready to drink his bottle on my lap and then play in the floor wearing only a diaper and a big, goofy grin. I am still baffled that he is turning 1 in 5 days.

I know he is mine, but I think he is so handsome. He is all boy, and he is going to break some little girl hearts. Although, if he is anything like his Daddy, he will be a gentleman in all situations...that's my boy!

And then there's Addie...I was wondering why she was so quiet during naptime, which by the way has become a joke around here. She doesn't nap anymore, but I make her go to her room and be quiet. She was quiet alright. Where did she find nail polish?

Learning from her previous paint job with my make-up, I calmly reminded her that only Mommy paints her nails and that she should not be playing with polish at all. Do you think it clicked? What's next?

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Christen said...

Awww... all your pictures are so cute! I love the one with Addie and her "manicure"! (At least it wasn't on the walls this time, right? ha ha)