Friday, August 13, 2010


Breakfast time around here is serious.

My sweet little girl is definitely not feeling well these days. This darn cold is really taking a toll on her. We all are not sleeping all that much at night, and poor Addie is sore from coughing so much.
I am getting my fair share of throw up this week too. I do believe I have paid my dues and should not have to deal with the nasty stuff for atleast a few years. I just hope she starts to feel better soon.

Hayes is feeling fine. He still has the itchies, and he has several new teeth trying to make their way in, but otherwise, he is happy.

And growing like a little weed.

I just love my mornings with them.
I was very excited about spring/summer with the hope that it would bring sunny picnics in the park and lots of playtime outside. Unfortunately, Hayes' skin has made outdoors time especially difficult since the heat has been so overwhelming where we live this year. So, as autumn approaches and my favorite holiday season of the year comes around again, I am looking forward to our cozy fireplace and snuggly days inside. Maybe we will even get some snow this year?

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