Saturday, August 21, 2010

She loves her music.

With Addie not feeling well, we have been stuck inside for the last couple of weeks, only leaving for church and an ice cream treat in our car. That meant that we had to get pretty creative to keep ourselves entertained. So...

we had a dance party in the middle of the hallway. Addie put on a show for Hayes and I, who sat on the steps and watched for a good half hour.

She loves the camera, and she loves a good cd of children songs. I think she must know them all!

We finally got some answers this week about Addie's strange cough and scary breathing episodes that were keeping us up all night long. After what seemed like many trips to the specialist and several prescriptions later, I had become very frustrated with her deteriorating condition. I bullied my way back into the allergist with a list of questions and concerns, one of which was planted in my ear by a sorority sister who had recently been reading about Pertussis, or whooping cough as it is commonly called. Even before I could ask about the virus, my allergist mentioned it, and we decided together to perform a nasal swab and test her right then and there. The very next night she called with the results: positive! WHAT? I vaccinate my kids...on time...for everything they tell me to. How can she have this? The poor child already has to deal with terrible food allergies, inhalers, breathing treatments, and eczema. Why this? The worse part about all this is the other little people that we have been around and their possible exposure to this horrible illness. I immediately contacted our circle of friends and anyone we had been around over the last several weeks. Almost everyone, including my family, have been put on antibiotics to prevent any further infection. After 48 hours on the meds, the infected person is no longer contagious. So, little Addie is no longer a threat to her little friends. She is still dealing with a tough cough that sometimes leaves her breathless and gagging, but we do see a small improvement over the last few days. Please say a little prayer for our girl and for the friends and families that have been around us the last few weeks. The last thing we want is for some other little person to have to go through all of this.
On a slightly more positive note: Because we weren't running around all over the place, we had time to work on potty training...and she has been wearing "big girl pants" for two days straight now! Whoooo Hooooo....what a blessing to only have one in diapers!

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The Van Tine Family said...

So glad to see Addie up and moving around! What a terrible time your family has had lately, I hope that it gets better from here! We'll keep you in our prayers!