Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beach days are very tiring...Part II

A week or so back, Tim and I packed up our car and headed to the Outer Banks for a couple of nights at the beach with a friend of mine. It was quite a bit of prep work for a very short "vacation", if you can even call it that. Addie enjoyed playing with their two little boys, and Hayes was an angel on the beach. He loves the sand and water much more than his big sister ever has. These three entertained each other for the most part. Addie just followed them around and played mother hen. Having two little people willing to play her version of "Hide-N-Seek" over and over again was very exciting for this little girl. By the end of each day, they were all tuckered out. Sometimes the exhaustion got ugly!

Overall, we had a nice time visiting with friends we rarely get to see. Addie finally did warm up to the beach and even spent some time searching for shells with her Daddy. However, the sand and the sun wore Tim and I slam out, and we came home two days later with absolutely no energy and no plans to visit the beach anytime soon.

The beach just isn't what it used to be. There was no time for a nice book and quick nap...that's for sure..

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