Monday, June 14, 2010


Today I got a nice little reminder that it was time to update my blog....Love Dad. He says he checks it every day and "if you have time to sit down on your computer, how about you work on your blog?"...he he....this one's for you Dad.

Here's a little Hayes fix.

Charming little guy isn't he? A bit wet these days too. I believe he's teething, but still so happy!
Of course Addie is busy being a diva these days. She is still being stubborn and refusing to use the potty. I have a feeling though that the urge to wear those pretty princess big-girl undies will help push her a long at her own pace. For now, I just diaper her and smile. My days with a cheezy-smiling, diaper-wearing little girl are getting numbered. I'm not going to rush them along (atleast not until it's time for preschool).

Hayes is getting cuter and cuter each day, and I have lately been faced with the realization that my "last" baby is getting less and less like a baby each day. He no longer can use the swing because he is too heavy, and it won't work if he sits in it. His bouncey seat is just no fun for him since he recently learned to sit up on his own, and the little play pad that lays in the floor is totally off limits since it would mean that he has to lay flat on his back and not scoot around the floor trying to crawl. This past weekend I took out his infant carseat and put in his big-boy seat since he was much too long and heavy for the other one. Where has the time gone? I know that I am beyond blessed with my two healthy, happy babies, but part of me is saddened that those baby things will soon no longer have a purpose in my home. I thought about putting the swing away last night, but I have decided today to just let it be for a while longer. I have plenty of friends with little ones on the way. Perhaps their little baby will want to swing while they are here visiting. I'm just not ready, and that's that. Slow down.....please...slow down!

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Thanks for the "fix" from both of us