Friday, June 25, 2010

Paci Update #2

Well, yesterday we went the entire day without even mentioning the paci in this house. She's still not napping without it, which makes for a very grumpy little girl come 5:00, but I do believe she is slowly forgetting about it. Last night she went to bed without the usual drama, although I think she was just too exhausted to put up a fight. She is a drama queen!

Unfortunately, I went to snap a picture of Addie playing on the computer yesterday and found my camera was busted. The screen looks like black ink was spilled on it. Who knows what happened? Yes, Addie loves to "take picshas" with it, but for all I know, I might have layed it in something wet or dropped it myself. I guess we need to get a new one, which isn't really in the budget. I told Tim however, that I can't miss all the new things Hayes is doing these days, so I am off to Walmart to see if I can find the same camera for a decent price. Don't worry...we won't be cameraless for long!

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