Wednesday, June 23, 2010


He has perfected the art of sitting up, and he had long ago figured out how to make you smile with his little grin. For the most part, he is a happy little guy. He just sits back and lets Addie snatch the "good" toys from him and replace them with something much less cool, and he still smiles from ear to ear when she gives him the slightest bit of attention.

He's napping on schedule twice a day now. (I know... I know... I am almost ridiculous with my daily schedules.) It makes for a very smooth day, and the nighttime routine is much more pleasant when they have both have their daily rest. My mom is the best babysitter ever and doesn't fuss a bit when I present her with an hour by hour "idea" of how his day should go. Just as she did with Addie when she was small, she follows the schedule perfectly and he is always right on track when I pick him up from her house (I love you mom!)
He also happens to be very, very cute when he naps.

He is scooting all over the place. This morning I realized that I can no longer avoid mopping/sweeping my kitchen floor after I picked him up and saw how dirty his little outfit had gotten after following me around the kitchen. Yuck, I know!
We are busy trying to stay cool these days and find things to do inside besides watching too much T.V and getting into trouble. I am ever grateful for this time with my little ones, especially when I know how hard Tim works to make it happen.

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