Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Belly time!

Hayes on the left and Ahga, Addie's favorite babydoll on the right. She thought Ahga needed belly time too.

Please God give me more patience. Patience with my two-year old little girl who seems to try very hard to make me angry as I prepare to pack up my little family for an 11 hour road trip to Florida. Addie, as sweet and as cute as she is, can also be very trying. I find myself constantly losing my temper and yelling at her these days. I never wanted to be a yeller, and spanking was something I always said "could be handled differently when I have my own children". Its funny how things don't go quite as we plan once the children actually get here. Tim says I am hard on her. I think I am the only one she will listen to since he is NOT hard on her. My hope is to raise her to be well-mannered and respectful, not spoiled and undisciplined. Tim and I try very hard to model this behavior for her, and we are constantly praising her for good behavior. This battle is a tough one. We have had a rough day today. Lots of tears have been shed and I have yelled one too many times. I am hopeful that after her nap we can begin again. Wow, this whole parenting thing is HARD! And to think, I got another one that has to turn two also!

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