Sunday, April 25, 2010

Addie meets my Mamaw

This little piece of Heaven on earth is where my grandmother, Mamaw, is buried. She lies on a hillside not far from her hometown in the most beautiful, peaceful graveyard I have ever seen. My mom and I stopped here to put new flowers on her grave while we were in town a few weeks ago. Addie decided she wanted to help.

Addie asked my mom, "Where is your mommy? Is she here? Where is she?". My mom told her that this place belonged to her mom and that they were going to leave these pretty flowers for her at her spot. She didn't really understand what was going on, and that's ok. She walked around the gravesites pointing at flowers and exclaiming how "pretty and bootiful" they were. How awesome is the innocence of a little child? To her, this place wasn't a place of sadness and loss, but a place of color and beauty. We should try and look through the eyes of a child more often. As adults, I think we lose sight of that. Oh how my Mamaw would have loved this little girl. She would have adored her sass and spunky attitude. I can see her grinning down on us now!

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Grampy said...

Very nice entry. . . Hope you Hewitts have a wonderful trip to sunny FL -- and that Tim (and Mom) "catch a sackful!"