Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Morning at our house...

A reminder that Hayes is only 6 months old and really doesn't understand holidays and toys and candy yet, so that is why there are a trillion more pictures of the little girl on this morning. Hayes still got a basket from the Easter Bunny though, and he seemed to love watching his sister go crazy over all the goodies she found in her basket.

Good Morning Addison...The Easter Bunny came last night! Are you excited?

Let's go downstairs and see what he left for you.

Slow down! Don't run!

WOW! Look at all this good stuff!

It's gonna take me forever to get to the bottom where the candy is...

OOOOOh La La....My very own wallet! The Easter Bunny knows me so well!

This is the best day ever! Did you say that I could have peeps for breakfast?

YES! I LOVE these things! And...they have no eggs or peanuts in them! Score!

This is much better than an old dry waffle!

Man...Have you ever tried one of these things?
Quite possibly my favorite food ever! I love the Easter Bunny!

Next comes oreo cookies with Daddy!

Then I'll show my Mamaw everything I got!

Happy Easter everyone!

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Jarah said...

Addie is starting to look like your mom to me! Great pics :)