Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Road Trip 2010

The Hewitt family loves some ice cream. It also helps to make a 12 hour road trip a little more exciting!

Of course, Hayes loves his milk, and doesn't mind one bit to drink a little bottle while his sister licks on an ice cream cone.
...and then he's out! Like a light.
This past weekend we took a trip south to see my Dad and stepmom down in Florida. Yes, I put two kids, under the age of three, both diaper-wearing and food and animal allergic, into a Ford Explorer, and we made our way to a horse farm in Ocala, Florida. It was an adventure to say the least, and it was very nice to see my family. The bonus was that my Memaw also made her way south at the same time, and we got to spend time with her too! You see, when your family lives all spread out like mine does, you have to make a 12 hour road trip fun and exciting. You have to step out of your little comfort zone, pack up all your toddler-toting stuff and snacky-snacks and make the adventure one for the scrapbooks! We had a great time. The kids were awesome, and I took loads of pictures!

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