Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just a few pictures...

We've been doing a lot of growin' around here. Hayes can almost sit up by himself! Finally!

He still prefers to just lay back though. He is so funny! He does however, have quite the temper. My mom thinks I may have another rotten one on my hands, and Dave thinks he may be even more of a stinker than Addie- YIKES!

You can't get more rotten than this one! Isn't she just the cutest little thing? And then she doesn't get her way, or you tell her take a bath, or eat her dinner before she can get icecream....then she is not such a cutie anymore!

But...until then, she is cute. In these pictures, she is just cute. No fuss, no tears, no stomping down the hall....just cuteness...

and one very big, cheesy smile!

She loves her brother like nothing else though. He flashes a big ole' grin when she walks into the room. Sometimes she is the only person who can get him to stop crying. She thinks that is pretty cool.

I think it's pretty cool too.

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope lots of family time is happening at your place!

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