Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Florida Fun...

Hayes got some cuddle time in with Papaw Rick and Grandma Julie. He just loves to be held, and if you give him a bottle, he'll love you forever!
He loved the big King-size bed that we had at the hotel on the trip home.
Addie loved the heart-shaped jacuzzi that was in our room....right in the middle of the room with mirrors all around it! Teee Hee!

She enjoyed the toys Grandma Julie had put away for her. These were some of her favorites when she was down visiting the first time. I'm guessing she still likes them.
She was worn slam out after our birthday party at the pool. We didn't get much napping done down there except for while we were in the car on the way to some place or other.
This is my sweet Memaw, and of course, Hayes took to her quite easily. She's a natural of those people who just has a gentleness about them that children sense right away. Addie even slept in the room with Memaw a couple of nights.

Addie loved her little bumblebee dress from Memaw, and boy does she love to ham it up for the camera!
I really wish we all lived just a little closer to one another. I enjoy our visits so much and we don't get the chance to do it often enough.

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