Friday, January 1, 2010

Love Mamaw and Grandpa Dave

The first place we celebrated Christmas was at my mom and Dave's house before they headed to West Virginia to see my Papaw. We had a delicious dinner, and Addie and Hayes were spoiled rotten! Hayes pretty much just sat back and watched all the fun take place, but he was happy nonetheless. Next year will be lots of fun with a little boy to spoil too! (Don't mind the grizzly beard on my otherwise handsome husband's face- for some reason, he doesn't seem to care that I HATE it!)

Mamaw and Grandpa Dave got Addie her first car- a Mustang! She better not expect the same from us in 14 years or so...
Dave and Tim did take her outside to try it out for a few, but it was so cold that day that she was just as happy sitting in it in the living room. This spring I see lots of fun times to be had in that car!

Thanks Mamaw and Grandpa Dave....I love it! And so does Addie....

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