Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dear Santa, Eat Cookies Leave Gifts

Addie and I love our aprons and love to bake together. She gets really excited when she sees me pull out the "cake bowl", even though she can't have any of the batter or cake herself (poor little girl)! Christmas Eve we got busy making Santa his cookies (as if "Mrs. Claus" really needs to eat more cookies since "Santa" doesn't really like sweets-yeah right!) Addie was very excited to prepare these special treats!

Notice the fig cookie in her eggs in those things and she loves them. Little does she know that Santa's cookies have white chocolate chips in them. I bet she will love those things as much as her mommy does!

We carefully placed the cookies and some milk on the side table in the living room so that Santa could enjoy them after sneaking in our front door. He is much too big to fit in our chimney!

She seems to be really enjoying her fig cookie and doesn't mind leaving the others for "Ho Ho".

This is one of the little traditions that Addie and I have done now for two years straight. I'm not much of a baker, but I can handle some "cake-box" cookies every now and then. We also enjoyed homemade pizzas with all of our favorite toppings, some delicious spiced apple cider, and the classic "Its a Wonderful Life". I love making new traditions with my babies and hope that these will be memories of their childhood that they always cherish!

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