Friday, December 4, 2009

Gettin' ready for Christmas!

Hayes- all dressed up and ready to go...wherever we want to take him for however long...he doesn't care! He is so easy-going and happy most of the time, as long as he has his bottle and you take a little time to cuddle up with him! Isn't he getting big?

I took these pictures while Addie was snoozing away one day after a long morning running Christmas errands with Tim and I. She was conked out! Check out her little dolls that sleep with her every night. She makes me "tuck them in too", and they even use her special Dora blanket to keep warm. Any more dolls and she won't have room in her own bed!

Staying pretty busy getting ready for Christmas around here. I love this time of year, and I love our new Elf on a Shelf from Mamaw! I plan on introducing him in my next post!


Jarah said...

I love his little smile!!!

The Bryant Family said...

They are both so precious. I love Addies buddies in her bed, I remember my bed looked pretty similar when I was a little girl! And Hayes is groeing up so much! What a happy little boy- Happy 3 month B'day to him!!!