Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The Hewitt family is anxious for Christmas! Tim gets some much-deserved time off here soon, which also means I get some help with the kids during the day. That is always nice! Most of all, we are both just excited to watch Christmas through the eyes of our babies. Addie, especially, is impressed with the lights and trimmings of this holiday season. She gets excited over the smallest things. Last night Tim told her it was Baby Jesus's birthday at Christmastime, and she babbled on and on about Baby Jesus and his "pwesents" all evening. I think I even caught her "talking" to him on her cell phone at one point!

She enjoyed helping me decorate the tree this year. Although, I heard she had more fun at her Mamaw's because they let her touch everything! She has the cheesiest smile for pictures here lately. I told you all she was our little drama queen. EVERYTHING is magnified these days....EVERYTHING!!!

Hayes enjoyed making a few little decorations himself one morning with me. He is doing great and happy as ever these days. He sleeps about 9 hours straight each night and naps off and on throughout the day. We are starting to get some little coos from him, and he just keeps the smiles a comin'! He is such a happy little guy!
We had an exciting weekend and even had a special visitor at our house last night for Addie and Hayes. I have some fun pictures to share, so stay tuned...

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