Monday, December 14, 2009

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas...

Hayes is wondering who that man is with the big, red suit and long, white beard? Yes, Ho Ho, as Addie calls him, came to our house the other night. We got to sip hot chocolate and take pictures with him for a little while. One of my friends brought her children over to meet him too!

Addie wanted to see him, but still is not quite ready to sit on his lap. She sat in a chair across the room, blowing him kisses and hiding behind her blanket acting shy. She did manage to tell Ho Ho that she would like him to bring her a "red pwesent" this year!

Hayes, on the other hand, seemed to warm right up to the man in the big red suit. He snuggled into his beard and sat for quite sometime in his arms while we snapped a million pictures.

Happy 1st Christmas little Hayes Timothy! Your cute little smile melts my heart. I am so excited to start our family traditions with you!
Hopefully, after tomorrow, I will be all finished with Christmas shopping and parties and decorating, and I can actually sit back and enjoy it all. I hope you all are ready for the holiday season and just as anxious as I am to spend some good quality time with family!


Jarah said...

Tell the little ones Merry Christmas for me!! So cute!!

Christen said...

Adorable! I love how Addie wanted a "red present" :)