Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Memaw and Papaw

This is my Memaw, quite possibly the softest, sweetest soul I know...She hasn't changed a bit over the years, and still remains one of the best cooks I have ever come across. Her chocolate cake and homemade fried chicken are delicious!

And this is Papaw...whom Tim was finally able to meet five years later. I am so glad he got to meet my two favorite people this past weekend. Addie loved showing off for Papaw as he sat and watched her play on the living room floor.

I can remember bringing baby dolls with dangling heads and missing buttons to my Memaw because she could fix anything...lounging in my Papaw's bed watching TV, eating grilled cheese and mayonaise...parading around in one of the curly wigs I found under the counter in the magical basement of their old house...pedaling a red and black big wheel down their steep driveway and sticking my toungue out at Papaw for the first time because he told me to get away from the street (I got in a lot of trouble for that one!)...I made some great memories in that old house with my Dad's parents, and although we don't get to see each other as much as we used to, I always enjoy spending time with them...once again wishing we lived closer to one another!

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Sweet -- Uncle Eddie