Monday, June 15, 2009

I wish...

that time would just slow down a little bit! Is that possible?

This is a picture taken of Addie exactly one year ago today. She was just one month shy of turning one, and to me, she still looked like a "baby". She has changed so much since this picture was taken and not just physically either, but her whole personality has evolved. She could barely say "Da Da" a year ago, and now she is putting three and four words together more often than I can count. She will repeat anything, and I mean ANYTHING, that comes out of your mouth, and she is the most stubborn little thing I have ever seen! She is also very sensitive and caring and has yet to stumble across the "hitting" or "biting" phase that many children her age go through. Although I am sure that is in our near future too! My close friend Kristy had her second baby girl on Saturday, born healthy and beautiful thank God! I guess since then I have been a little anxious to get things ready around our house for our new addition, and that has got me to thinking how my "baby" is not going to be "the baby" anymore. She is growing and changing so fast, and although I am so thankful that I am here to watch every moment, I am saddened at how fast it all goes by. The best part of my life is happening so fast......Can someone please slow it down?

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The Van Tine Family said...

Addie is getting way too big! I love the picture of you, Addie, Lily and Kristy at the ballgame! TOO cute! I had to show you off at work today. Everyone likes to see pictures of Lily and Addie together....I've been showing off their pictures around the office since day one! :) Good luck with Round 2...when are you due again?