Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finally, home and settled in for the summer...

The Hewitt family packed up the car and headed out for a road trip to Georgia this past weekend to visit my Dad and his side of the family. 10 1/2 hours on the road with a two-year old makes for a VERY LONG drive, but overall, Addie was really well behaved and was even pleasant to travel with believe it or not. It was wonderful to see family I rarely get to spend time with, and I only wish we had more time together like that.
On Saturday we got together at my Aunt Linda's house for dinner and some games. Tim had fun playing cornhole with my Memaw, Nick and Steve. Addie tried to participate too, but ended up getting shooed away!
These are my two cousins on the Jessee side of the family, Stephanie and Erin.....I always like to remind everyone that I am "the baby", especially as we get older! I'm the big bellied one on the end over there. It was unbelieveably hot that day!

Another cool thing about this visit was that the cousins (me, Stephanie, and Erin) finally got the chance to introduce our "babies". Stephanie has two children, Kendall (whom Addie is hugging above) and a little boy, Connor. Erin also has two kids, Avery (whom Addie is hugging below, and her little boy, Damon. Isn't it ironic how all three, Stephanie, and Erin will have two children, 1 boy and 1 girl each?

Here's the girls together after we had dinner. It took skill to get them all to sit still long enough to snap this picture!

We drove straight through on Sunday and arrived at home around midnight to a broken upstairs air-conditioner! Can you say HOT? I made us a bed on the floor downstairs and we all camped out together where it was cool. Addie was a real trooper and simply layed down between us and slept the whole night through. Things have finally settled down now and I am currently finishing up my last loads of laundry from the trip and the week before.
I have decided to stay at home from here on out until the baby arrives, which means I will be missing some pretty important events coming up, including my cousin's wedding showers and her actual wedding in Jamaica in August. Although I am pretty bummed out about this, I do know it is the best thing for the baby and myself and will try and find alternate ways to let her know she is on my mind during this very important time in her life!
I have more pictures to share from our trip, but am having a hard time getting them to download. Once I figure that out, I'll share some more!

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