Friday, July 22, 2011

Ooops...I already missed a day!

I'm sorry about that. The day just slipped away from me!
The next few pictures are all taken at the beach house that Tim lived in before we were married. The market was crashing that year and we were unable to sell it, so we have been renting it out. This is how the last renter left the place when his lease was and all.

He lived in absolute filth. The worst part about it is that he also had a daughter who lived with him every other weekend. In "her room" there was a mattress on the floor and empty bottles of vodka strewn about along with her toys and small clothes. Not to mention the place was infested with fleas! Can you imagine what kind of life that little girl lives? To me, it is a very sad situation. I often wondered if her mother knew of her living conditions when she came to stay with her father?

On a lighter note, Addie visited her first icecream truck while visiting my friend down in the OBX. She picked out a Dora Popsicle...and loved every last drip of it....

So, as you can see, we have been pretty busy around here. Luckily, Tim worked very hard to get the house cleaned back up, and we have a new renter who seems to be really enjoying the house and taking better care of it :) Hayes, and Addie and I are enjoying roughly 2-3 popsicles daily to help with the heat, and I am actually looking forward to Fall and all of my favorite, less sweaty, holidays! I'll post again a day or two :)

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