Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wine and Speeding Tickets

We had an amazing wine adventure on the Eastern Shore this weekend. These are three of the four wonderful women that joined me on this road trip. No, I don't really like wine, but I love being with these girls. I would drink just about anything if it meant I could hang out with them.

Whitney managed to sneak away from a three year-old and a 7 month old. Her husband decided to give it a shot. They all survived. And Whitney made me laugh all day long. She's so much fun!

The vineyards were adorable, and the whole wine-tasting experience was different and fun. Too bad I will never be a wine-lover. I had to force it down a couple of times. My friends, on the other hand, are big fans of wine. The best part to me, was just sitting in the sunshine with each other, catching up and talking about wilder days at Longwood.

It was so beautiful and so peaceful over there. I could own a winery. I could enjoy being part of that business. I would just have to hire employees who drank wine. Or just invite my friends over all the time.

Too bad my wonderful wine-tasting experience ended with this: a speeding ticket.

I was guilty as charged. No sass. No excuses. I was gossiping with the girls and driving much too fast. However, that police officer was evil. He worries me. I am afraid he might bring bodily harm to people around him in the near future. He was angry...very angry. I just wanted him to give me my ticket, and then drive as far away from him as possible. I pray for the women and children in his life. Really, I do. Did I mention he pulled me and three other cars over by walking into the middle of the highway holding a STOP sign on a stick? They do things differently on the Eastern Shore. I now drive much slower. I still had a great time with my girls. The evil State Policeman did not ruin that.


livingsj77 said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun, I wish I could have been there.

Jarah said...

Great pictures Carrie!! Such a good time :)

Christen said...

LOL about wanting to own a winery (but having to hire employees who drink wine- ha ha). Glad ya'll had fun!

(What was wrong with that police officer??? Power trip much?)