Monday, May 16, 2011

It was way past time.

His little golden locks were creeping down his back. When his hair was wet, it was amazingly long. At the hospital when he was in recovery after his surgery, one of the volunteers asked me "how old is she?" It was way past time. I just wasn't ready to say goodbye to the curls...not yet. But, I did. Hayes got his very first hair cut last week.



Is he not handsome or what? Yes, I teared up a bit. My "baby" was getting his hair cut. It was a big realization for me. He is not such a "baby" anymore.

We only cleaned it up a bit. It's not the "big boy" hair cut I have planned for the near future. You know...the one where they shave the neck and up around the ears. I can't even imagine how "big" he will look then. I had to take small steps.

And completely unrelated....These are a couple cute pics I got one morning before the hair cut. They were having fun just goofing around together.

It makes Tim and I so happy that they get a long so well. She looks after him, and he totally looks up to her!

I'll share some actual plictures of the hair cut a little later. Hayes wants me to play!

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Anna Heller said...

He looks so much older now!!! So freakin adorable!!!!