Friday, May 6, 2011

Dad's Latest Project

My Dad can fix anything. I know that many people say that about"Dad's" in general, but really, he can fix anything and everything. He's very talented. He owns his own business down in Florida and makes his customers very happy. When he comes to see me, we always have a project going. He usually works on said project for most of his visit, in between drinking coffee, tickling crazy grandchildren and eating lots of take-out! I start working a "list" for him weeks before his visit. This is a picture of the wood valences he made for me for my family room a couple of years back. I love these things! They dress up the room tremendously, and I am always getting compliments on how nice they look. My mommy friends want to hire my Dad, but I just laugh and say..."when he's here, he's all mine...!"

I just realized that the above picture isn't actually my garage, but my friend's garage. She sent me this photo of her make-shift "mudd-room", and my Dad used it as a reference when he made me one in my garage too!

This is the latest upstairs guest bathroom. Before we had Addie, Tim and I decorated this room with a rubber duck theme. We never repainted it from the previous owners, but went with the same tan color theme. It was in major need of some attention. I like the ducks, but I wanted something a little more grown-up, and I definitely wanted to change up the color. I read on one of the decorating blogs I subscribe to about fake "board and batten". I immediately called up my Dad and asked him all about it. I loved the look of this stuff, sort of rustic, but classy. It looked simple enough for me to do (yeah right!) And when I started researching it online, it was all over the place! All of the big decorating blogs were talking about it! I had to try it, well...I had to have my Dad try it! And guess what...he was up for the challenge!

Addie decided to pose one more time for me when I was trying to get another "before" shot of the plain, boring bathroom. The week leading up to my Dad's visit, Tim and I tried to get the room "ready" so that Dad wouldn't have to work the entire time he was visiting, but that didn't go over well.

When Dad saw my paint job, he decided to do it all over again. He started from scratch. And worked....and worked....

and worked some more ! He and Tim worked their butts off! And the finished product shows! I love it! The board and batten is exactly the look I was going for. The room looks fancy and clean, but not like one of those rooms where you feel like you can't touch anything. It still feels comfortable and "homey". My Memaw helped me with the decorating details! She rocks! I am a very lucky girl!

Don't ya just love it? Dad says that all of those blogs that brag about putting up this stuff in one evening and "how simple...and easy...and cheap it is..." well...they are misleading, and their board and batten "is probably falling off the walls by now". It is definitely much more involved than they suggest. I'm not sure I could do it successfully without his help. It sure looks good though. Thanks Dad! You spoil me! We love our new bathroom!


livingsj77 said...

OMG...I LOVE this! It reminds me of Freddie's room in Richmond (tear). People told me I was crazy for putting brown on top, but I love it. I did not do the board and batten, just a chair rail, but I freaking loved that room. I was so sad when we left it.

Stacie said...

Freaking amazing is all I have to say! I want that!!!!! Looks great. Kudos to your dad!

Kellie said...

Carrie the room looks GREAT!!! I love it.

Christen said...

Holy moly- amazing! So crisp and polished! Dan and I reallllly need to redo ours this summer, so I'm going to have to show him your pictures as inspiration.