Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Thank you Tim!

Isn't she beautiful?

Tim bought us a new fridge this past weekend. We love it! It is so much bigger than our other one, and much more convienient. I realized how "grown-up" I was when I couldn't sleep the night before they delivered it. I'm getting old! Thanks Honey for spoiling me. I love you!

Dear Jaime,

I thought of you the entire time I researched this refridgerator. Your experience with the SAMSUNG brand/company made me think really hard about going with their product. I can assure you, I did my homework. They have come a long way since you dealt with them. Consumer Reports rates this particular model as one of the highest in customer satisfaction and overall performance. I hope for our sake they are right! I'll let you know! Love, Carrie

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livingsj77 said...

Hahahaha!!!! You make me laugh Carrie! For your sake, I hope that's true. I still have a busted one sitting in my shed in Richmond...I could have given you a really great deal on that one.

Love you and so happy you got a new toy!