Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Valentines Spirit

Christmas can't be the only time of year that we feel festive. I wanted Addie and Hayes to feel the spirit of Valentines this year also. We had fun decorating with hearts and flowers and all things pink and red!

At school, Addie's teacher's asked the students what they "loved", and then they wrote it down on a little heart and hung them outside the classroom door. Many of her classmates put "candy", or "mommy", or "toys". Addie's heart said "I love a holiday". I love that she loves "a holiday". It makes me smile to see her really enjoying these special times of the year. Tim spent all weekend cutting out the perfect little shamrocks that I painted bright green for our yard. We want her to love St. Patty's Day too! Poor Tim...does he know how many eggs I want cut out for Easter this year?

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