Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spilled Milk

I cry over spilled milk. No, I actually panic over spilled milk. Yesterday when I rounded the corner of our kitchen it was like a horror scene....dripping milk all over the table and floor. Where in the world was the cup it was in? Where was Hayes? I literally started to hyperventilate. Please, please don't let him have drank any. I meant to throw it out after dinner, but Addie and Tim were rushing around getting ready to head to the Y for a swim, and I was helping them pack a bag. I NEVER leave milk just sitting around. Please don't let him have drank any.

I found Hayes. He was in a little pop-up tent, hiding from me, playing with the empty cup of milk. I have no idea if he even tried to drink it, but it was empty and I was so thankful. I grabbed him up and immediately began pulling off the wet clothes that clung to his little body, all the while remembering what had happened to his little arms last 4th of July when a little milk splashed on him from a sippy cup. I knew what the stuff could do to him. Not knowing if he actually drank the milk, or just played in it, I went ahead and gave him a large dose of benedryl and got the epi-pen ready just in case. I kept watching for any signs of swelling or repiratory distress. My heart beat a mile a minute.

When I peeled off the clothes, I watched as hundreds of small red, raised blotches appeared where the milk had touched his skin. They showed up on his tummy, his hands and wrists, his feet and his neck. He was covered in them, all from simply touching the milk. Thank you God for keeping him safe. I don't think he even tried to drink the milk. I am just so thankful. The spots were gone when we woke up this morning, and he never really seemed bothered by them at all. We all have our battles. I never knew one my biggest ones would be MILK! Now you may better understand why I am "protective" and strict when it comes to feeding my children. Who would have guessed that spilled milk could do that to a child's skin?

In other news at the Hewitt household, have I told you about Rapunzel coming to stay with us? I do believe it may be time for a hair cut, and yes, I mean for both children.

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