Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas fun continued...

Good Morning Addie....Did Ho Ho come last night?

She was so excited! She ran into the den and said " oh...that's just what I've always wanted".....

She was not referring to the kitty cat stuffed animal thing that she had been asking for since Halloween, but instead this super cheap tent that her Daddy picked up at the Dollar General! She loved it!

The jewelry Ho Ho left her in her stocking was pretty awesome too!

Good Morning Sleepy Boy! Hayes wasn't sure what to think about it....

He was still waking up and had a nasty cold on Christmas Day!

He didn't let that get in the way of his excitement though over all the new toys! He loved the alphabet train and his new red fire engine!

Although he doesn't look very thrilled here in this picture, he really likes Addie's microphone too! She gets so upset when he uses it though because he gets it all "wet"!

Off to take Grandma some treats.....we just love our little Red Riding Hood!

Oh wait...she's our princess.....that's could I forget!

Christmas has a whole new light to it with little ones. It's magical again. I want it to be a time of special memories for them both, but also want to make sure I teach them the real meaning of the season. Tim and I both mentioned Baby Jesus' birthday to Addie and how that is Christmas came to be, but she is still a little young to really understand. Hopefully, we won't lose sight of the importance and real meaning of the holiday.....Happy Birthday Jesus!

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livingsj77 said...

Oh goodness does Addie look like you in that last picture. She looks so grown up and exactly like you.