Wednesday, November 3, 2010

She finally did it...

She actually participated in Halloween. She didn't refuse to put on her costume and run and cry when the door bell rang bringing little trick-or-treaters to our house. She wanted some candy herself and knew what she had to do to get some. Our little Ladybug Girl loved it this year!

We met up with her little cousins and Addie just followed them around like an old pro. She always enjoys being with them.

She was rather shy and stand-offish at first. This is a picture of her standing off to the side, waiting her turn to say "trick-or-treat to the lady with the candy bowl.

Do you see her trying to keep up with her cousins...running towards the front door of this house? How cute is she?


I have plenty more pictures and stories to share from the weekend. We had special guests and lots of memories were made for our little family. Stay tuned...

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