Saturday, November 20, 2010

Picnic in the Park

I took the kids to a local park the other day for a nice little picnic. It was one of the warmer days and we know how stir-crazy we can get once the cold winter sets in, so I packed up a lunch and headed out. It was fun, but let me tell ya...chasing Hayes through the gigantic wooden play-set got really old really fast. He still isn't walking. Not even a little bit. He, however, wanted to follow Addie all over this monstrosity, and I came pretty close to a heart attack several times. It's not easy keeping up with these two by yourself.

Addie loves the idea of a picnic. At home, we try and sit at the table together each night for dinner. So the idea of eating on a blanket on the ground is very exciting to her!

Hayes on the other hand, doesn't care where he eats, just as long as their is enough food to fill him up! The kids eats and eats and eats.

So cute these two! I enjoy watching them play together. Hayes just follows her around like a little puppy. She is really so good with him too.

I am thankful to have days like this. Thankful and grateful and also very, very tired :)

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