Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sweet Potatoes?

He isn't sure if he likes them or not. He does enjoy playing with his toys as I feed him. He makes some of the funniest faces too. I wonder what he will think of popsicles and fruit snacks? Will he love them as much as his big sister? Will he immediately recognize a McDonald's from a mile away and sneak sips of my coke when I'm not looking?
Will he be independent and strong-willed like her, or will he be laid-back and low key like his Daddy? Will he be a Mama's boy and hug me in public in front of his football buddies, or will he ask that I stop wearing his school colors and screaming the letters in his name each time he scores a touchdown?

I wonder what kind of man he will be. Will he be as gentleman-like as his Daddy? Will he open car doors and always say "yes mam" to his momma's friends and his teachers in school?

I pray that he is strong, and confident, respectful, and ambitious...but most of all, I hope that he is happy and joyful!


Jarah said...

So cute Carrie! Love the pics of both of them!! Their facial expressions are classic!

The Bryant Family said...

Hey girlee ;) These two posts are so sweet! I love both of their adorable expressions and you captured their little personalities so perfectly in words. Such a wonderful momma!!! Miss you, wish I could have caught up with you when you were up here last weekend but hope you girls had a great time ;) I'll give you a call this week, REALLY!!!