Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Just Like Me" Doll

I bought Addie a "Just Like Me" doll last week while on my trip. I was going to put it up and give it to her on her birthday this summer, but I just couldn't help myself. So, the spoiled, often "bratty" little girl, got her doll immediately apon my arrival. She loves it...for now.

(Grandma sent this "butterfly" outfit to Addie at Christmastime, and she loves it too!)
Notice the doll is also posing on "Henry" the horse too ( I tried very hard to get her to name the horse Nelly-after my bouncing horse I had when I was her age, but no...she liked "Henry"). Sorry...I digress... I am ashamed to admit how long I had to save my money to purchase this doll at the American Girl Store in New York last week. She currently has exactly 12 dolls in her bed beside her that "sleep" with her each night, and most of those beloved dolls cost approximately a quarter each at a yard sale. She doesn't know the difference...but I do...and I am constantly picking this doll, whom she so lovingly named "Jaima" up off the floor and brushing her ratty hair to keep her looking pretty and new! I know...I'm crazy!

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