Friday, February 5, 2010


Last night I attended my first meeting/lecture for the "Food Allergy Support Group of Tidewater". The lecture was given by a doctor from the National Jewish Hospital that specializes in Asthma and Allergies in Denver. She knows her stuff! I learned a lot of big terms and was a little overwhelmed at all that is involved in an allergic response that takes place in the body. If my daily baths, hourly rub-downs with one cream or another, weekly visits to the dermatologist, and countless tears and anxiety over Hayes' eczema are not making a difference, then atleast I can become more educated on what is actually happening in his little body. That way, when one of his doctors explains his prognosis or develops a new regimen for treatment, I will know what they are talking about and will be on top of the situation instead of trying to dig myself out of a pile of medical terms that seem like a foreign language to a stay-at-home mommy or former high school teacher.
Don't worry though.....Hayes is still my happy boy! He doesn't let it get him down.

His smiles make it all that much easier for me as he coos and giggles when I apply cream and ointments to his body. I melt when he looks up at me with his big goofy grin as I cover his little fists with his sister's socks.
He is truly one of the happiest souls I have ever encountered!

It was very comforting to be in a room with other parents who know exactly what it is like to deal with eczema and food allergies on a daily basis. It made me feel less alone. I walked away feeling blessed and thankful that my babies are healthy and happy. Parenting is not an easy job. It happens to be the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life...much harder than microbiology with Dr. Wayne Tinnell, much more difficult than working with an evil department head in a school filled with spoiled, hard-headed teenagers...I like to say that parenting is one big judgement call after the other. I just pray that I am making the right calls and doing all that I can to help them. Hopefully, FASGOT will help me to be a better mommy when it comes to their allergies. I am thankful to have found this group of special people.

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Rick said...

He looks happy to me - it must be lots of cuddling from Mom & Dad