Thursday, April 28, 2011

Egg Hunt #2

A friend of mine I have known since elementary school lives about 10 minutes away back on this quiet country road. She has a beautiful piece of property with lots of animals and lots of room to run. For the past three years she has invited us to her annual Easter Egg Hunt. They cook a pig and everyone brings a dish. She stuffs hundreds of eggs with toys and candy and "hides" them on their property for the 25-30 kids that come toting their baskets in their Sunday best. They all have a blast!

Addie was a much better egg hunter this year than she was last Easter. Hayes just enjoyed being outside, and he was much more interested in her sweet dog than he was what those eggs had to offer. He'll give her some competition next year I'm sure. We were very thankful to have been included in the Norge's egg hunt again this year. They have such a beautiful home and really work hard to make sure the kiddos have a blast!

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