Monday, April 25, 2011

Egg Hunt #1

We participated in three organized egg hunts this year. Addie really got into it. As a matter of fact, we had to "share" some of the eggs she found on this particular hunt because some of the younger hunters had hardly any eggs in their baskets and hers was overflowing. We are still working on sharing. It is a daily challenge.

Addie and Ben....still pals...

Hayes found other things to keep him busy. The hunt was not high on his list of priorities.

They loved all of the coolstuff inside the eggs. It was a fun morning. It's always fun when we can get them outside and burn off some energy!

I think this may have been Hayes finding the one and only egg he actually hunted for on his own. I think he "borrowed" the other ones from the smaller kids.

This is where I found his basket at the end of the hunt. I guess he got bored.

Addie loved every minute of it though, despite the handle of her basket breaking just before the start of the hunt. She didn't let that slow her down.

All the kiddos at one time....not an easy thing to do. They aren't all happy, or even sitting, but they are all there....oh wait...where's Wyatt?

And finally just a sweet picture of Addie that I snapped the other day...

No cheesy grin or squinty eyes...just sweet, smiling Addie.

I'll post about Hunt #2 and Hunt #3 soon!

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