Monday, September 20, 2010

Just playin'

They really do love each other. There is very little jealousy and animosity between these two, atleast so far. We all prepared for Addie to have a hard time with Hayes' arrival. She surprised us though, and acted as if he had always been here, playing momma hen and being as helpful as she can. She is a great big sister.

He just thinks she hung the moon. When he gets attention from her, he lights up and giggles out loud. She is the coolest to him. I hope it is always this way.

And this is what a diaper looks like that has held one too many pees....

We like to get our money's worth around here.

We discussed throwing all the toys away and just disinfecting the toilet instead. If we put Hayes and a comode in the same room together without any distractions, he would be content for hours. Yuck!

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