Thursday, October 8, 2009

More visitors..

Last week, my uncle and new aunt came to visit the family and meet Baby Hayes for a night. We chatted over big bowls of hot fudge and ice cream! Addie showed off a little for them, and Tim and I became jealous as they talked about being retired and getting to do whatever they wanted on a daily basis! They were in town for a retirement luncheon and decided to stop in for a nice visit! This was in the morning...after Hayes had peed on Uncle Ed! He didn't seem to mind...
And he even let Hayes cuddle up real close....Isn't this a great picture?

It was very nice to have my uncle and his new bride over for the night. Tim and I enjoyed visiting with them and wish it could have been longer. Like I always say, I would love it if we all lived closer to one another!

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Christen said...

Hayes looks so cute all cuddled in close! Cute pictures; Dan and I totally get jealous whenever relatives talk about retirement too!