Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cupcake Time!

We won't let a little egg allergy get in our way around this household! Tim and I found this adorable little apron at our local craft fair, and I decided it was a perfect treat to add to our night of baking since I recently found an allergen free cake mix at our grocery!

Addie was very excited about making "birfday cakes"!

Funny thing is...she never even mentioned the cupcakes after she ate this one! I guess they didn't impress her all that much. She would rather have fruit snacks or icecream any day! I put the rest of the cakes in a freezer bag and plan on pulling them out when we have a party to attend. That way she will be able to enjoy cake along with the rest of us!

Hayes was snoozing in the swing while we baked and enjoyed our little snack!


Kellie said...

Look at the left handed baby!!!

Jarah said...

Love the apron!!