Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let's Celebrate

It seems like we've been so very busy, but I can't really even think of what has kept us running these last few weeks. I suppose it's just all the normal stuff that goes a long with a new school year and the beginning of fall. Not to mention the gazillion birthdays we have in September.....

Happy Birthday Hayes, Jaime, Starr, Anna Banana, Heather T.,Pop Hewitt, Papaw Jessee, Baby Grace J., Granny, GaGa, Aunt Net, Ben C., Grandpa Dave, Uncle Marvin, Aunt Linda, Heather T. #2, and Jennifer P.......Whew!!!! Talk about a lot of reasons to celebrate! I hope everyone's day was as special as can be, whether here with family and friends or up in heaven looking down on us!

September has been a whirlwind...exactly how I like it!

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