Wednesday, August 17, 2011

19 Days

Tomorrow will be the 20th day in a row (excluding fridays) that we have arrived at the local YMCA at 9:15 a.m for Addie's swim lessons. You can say that I am just a tad bit water-logged. Every morning, we wake up, eat a quick breakfast, throw our suits on, lather on the sunscreen, pack a snack, and run off to the pool. Addie's lessons last 3o minutes. Hayes and I walk hand-in-hand around the pool until she is done and he too is able to jump in. The next hour or so I spend pulling Hayes up out of knee deep water after he tries to swim "like a fish" and watching Addie practice jumping from the side of the pool without getting her face wet. I am pretty sure we keep the lifegaurds entertained. Yesterday, the two of them spent the entire time collecting pine straw from the pool deck because the water was too cold from all of the rain we got the night before. They then insisted that I put it in one of our snack baggies and bring it home to Daddy for his "birfday". It's been a fun few weeks!

Once we get our fill of the water, we head home for lunch and baths. They love snack time and a movie afterwards, and then time for a nap! I am not exaggerating when I say that this my friends, has been our schedule for the last month and a half! I love every minute of it!

Who takes baths in the middle of the day anyway? We do. It's how we roll.

And yes, I know...He's gotten so big. He looks like a giant in this little crib. Don't remind me how fast he is growing up. I'm trying not to face the fact that my baby is so BIG!

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livingsj77 said...

Ugh...I'm glad you love it. I freaking hate the pool by myself. If someone goes with me, it's cool. But it's just so hard to keep them both a-float by myself. They both want to be in the big pool. Freddie does not want to be in his little float...he's almost tipped it a handful of times. Ainsley thinks she can swim, but she can't, so she doesn't want to wear her crap either. And then trying to get them out of the pool? Miserable.

Miss you friend. I'll call soon.