Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wild Wonderful West Virginia

I made some of the best childhood memories in this old coal mining town where my mom grew up.  I can remember riding go-carts up and down the street in front of my grandparents house and hunting for crawdads down at the creek like it was yesterday.  I would come home covered from head to toe in dirt and mud.  I spent weeks on end here in the summer, and thought back then it was the best place on earth.
Now, as an adult, the small little town has a different impression on me.  The houses are old and sagging, and the closest store is a good 20 minutes away.  I now wonder what is actually in that ole creek, and the dirty, dusty gravel roads are not quite as much fun as they used to be.  It is no longer the playground that it was for me as a small child. 

It is, however, home to some very special people to me.  Simple as it is, everyone waves to you when you walk down the street.  Children still play outside in this little town and drink from water faucets in their front yard.  People still gather on those sagging front porches to spend time together, and family time is not taken for granted where internet and cell phone reception are sparse.   I'm not sure how many memories my little ones will have of this old little town, but I will be sure they hear about mine when I was their age.  I am thankful they have been able to visit this special place that means  so much to me.
A few weeks ago, the kids and I headed to a local farm to pick strawberries.  I love to make strawberry rhubarb pie in the spring, and it tastes even better when picked by their tiny little hands!  Our adventure was cut a bit short when one of the kids stepped in some sort of wasp nest in the patch.  I am fairly certain someone was watching over us, as none of the children were stung that day.  There were thousands of wasps surrounding us as we raced to the safety of our cars.  It was frightening,  and for a while there, I vowed to never pick my own strawberries again.  Then I tasted that fresh rhubarb strawberry pie....

Our days have been plenty busy time for blog posts.  We've been filling them up with sunscreen and trips to the pool, bike rides and snow cones, picnics and play dates outside.  Hayes's skin is improving with the warmer weather and for that we are so thankful.  Addie is the perfect little lady...always sporting a cute little dress and trying to be helpful!  I keep putting off her kindergarten registration.  Maybe it won't happen if I don't fill out the paperwork?  When did I become such a wimp?  The mere thought of putting her on that yellow bus makes me a mess.  Hmmmmm...the life of a mother :)

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